Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de CRYo

I am obsessed with Lost. I realize I'm about four years too late but goddamn if I haven't hopped onto the bandwagon caboose like a depression-era hobo. In the past week the inhabitants of my house (fondly dubbed "The Bordello") have watched the entire first season and we're working through the second. I dream about Lost, talk about Lost and rarely eat my meals without it playing in front of me. Some may think this is sad, but I have saved hundreds of dollars in bar tabs by staying home and curling up to Sawyer, Jack, Mister Echo & company.

Yesterday, sadness and bad moods swirled through the Bordello. We all had terrible days and wanted to wallow in self pity. Instead, we picked ourselves up by the bootstraps and invented
THE (unofficial) LOST DRINKING GAME! After dismantling the book case I have half- painted in chalkboard paint and unearthing a rouge half-piece of chalk, we had our rules board, and we all hunkered down for a long night of Island mysteries.

I have provided the list in case you too should find yourselves wanting to play. Keep in mind- these rules are based primarily on the first season, so feel free to add or subtract your own. Also feel free to not be selfish with your rules and post them in the comments.

-Sawyer makes up a nickname
-There is a close-up shot of Aaron the baby
-Any character shows up in anothers back story
-Jack does something doctor-y
-Charlie does or mentions heroin
-The Numbers are spoken or shown
-Anyone says:
---"Don't tell me what I can't do"
---"You don't know what I'm capable of"
---"The Others" (or if it's a slow game) "Them"
---"Fate" or "Destiny"

It's just too much fun.

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bmore riot said...

can you prease brog about michelle rodriguez and her ability to ruin my life? k thx bai