Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Young cigar smoker at Baltimore Marathon - m4m - 29 (Raven's Stadium)

Date: 2008-10-11, 12:52PM EDT
About 11:45AM Saturday outside of Gate A Ravens stadium, sitting there smoking a cigar, shorts, white shirt, sunglasses, 5'oclock shadow, young guy - very handsome. Caught my eye and I nodded. Very nice to see another young cigar smoker in town. This isnt really a missed connection as we didnt really connect but definitely very handsome. Not expecting a reply back but just giving a shout out. What kind of hat were you wearing? Would love to grab a coffee and have a cigar with ya! What kind of cigar were you smoking. Love Excal #1s or 1066s here. Also enjoy pipes as well as cigars.
Location: Raven's Stadium

It is unfathomable for me to think that this post could have very well gone unnoticed; lost in the abyss that is Craigslist Missed Connections. I realize that I have, on occasion, written faux ads meant to provoke and titilate my friends eager to check back in with fate...but I do solemnly swear I DID NOT WRITE THIS. (Though I will admit it is taking a lot for me to not respond on behalf of our dear cigar-smoking friend.) I have never met anyone who ACTUALLY had someone take the time to reach out and post a plea to the gods of random intervention. The only unfortunate part is that our aforementioned stogie-smoker is more the type to answer to a w4m ad, and has no evident interest in m4m. or m-on-m.

I fear I will now spend a lot more time on missed connections... cheekily writing some, sure...but my real perogative will be to play a romantical watchdog: sitting at my desk, roaming the internets, looking for familiar descriptions on behalf of my friends who may have missed their chance at love.

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terence sullivan said...

i am shocked as well, but the ironic beauty of our "young cigar smoker" is just a testament to Baltimore-and its fabulousness.