Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Oh, the Japanese. You may have invented Herro Kitty and hilariously translated signage, but you can't tempt fate.

An artist couple (who clearly have no idea about the Current Economic Climate) have spent tens of millions of dollars building reverse aging apartments and homes around the world. They feature uneven floors, oddly placed windows and doors and spherical rooms. The point is not to kill the renters, but to challenge them to adapt to their new surroundings and think differently about space. Some guy has lived in one such apartment for two years. He's lost 20 pounds, no longer has allergies, and his wife regularly hits her head on the tiny door to the laundry room as she navigates her womanly duties in the Fun House from Hell.

I think the idea of this is really neat, but I break bones like this guy break dances , so I think uneven flooring and a dizzying array of color would put me in the most literal interpretation of a domestic abuse situation. I'd be walking into walls and not a fist.

The couple also dabble in high-end art. Like, art that takes ten years to complete and should sell for almost 20 million bones, but won't because no one has 20 fucking million dollars to give them.

The couple also got Ponzied by that dick Bernard Madoff, so now they have no money, no one to buy their art, and- assuming their calculations/theories are correct- an abnormally long time left to live.

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