Monday, March 2, 2009


Captain Larry's hosted a Snuggie Bar Crawl on Saturday. It was by far the best (and only) bar crawl I've ever been on. A ton of warm and cozy people showed up and we all paraded from bar to bar in our Snuggs. South Baltimore's never seen so much synthetic fleece.

There were some awesome "altered" Snuggies like the ShamWow! Snuggie and Mardi Gras Snuggies and Star Wars Snuggies.

Good Ol' Lauren and Mitch earned second place for Best Snuggie for their interpretation of Octo-Mom and her sperm donor:

And I beat them out by one dollar (my prize is $26 and theirs is $25) as Jon-Benet Snuggie.

Unfortunately, at the end of the crawl I had on so much make up that I broke out in hives, took two Benedryl and woke up 12 hours later. Despite my poor form, Capt Larry's took me back under its eyepatch the next day by pumping me full of giant mimosas and friendship.

Here is the official Snuggie Bar Crawl site if you want to see more pictures from Saturday and other pictures from around this great nation. I take great comfort in the words of some robed-drunk we met this weekend; "The economy can't be that bad if we're at a Snuggie bar crawl"

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coffee said...

i love my Snuggie... it gives me an excuse to dress like a pink Jedi