Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Last night I had the honor of sharing injera and friendship with Messrs. Katie and Lauren. After a 1/2 priced Ozzy at Brewers we located the Room of Requirements and popped over to Dukem for some Ethiopian. I have simple tastes, so meat, bread, beer and no utensils is perfect. We each ordered Tibs (cooked cubes of beef or lamb) and which are then dumped onto a huge piece of injera and you just go to town.

I don't know if it was the Ethipoian beer or the Ozzy, but about halfway through our feast the meal turned into a preasebrog/ fake mole/ bingo daupper photoshoot. (Although, I'm now remembering a discussion about Lauren's WPOC videoblog fan, which likely spurred into a series of preasebrog fanphotos.)

After discovering Katie's new tattoo, we used similar placement and eyeliner to create the first look.

We had to negotiate around Lauren's "leaving-her-arm-in-one-place-for-too-long hives" but I think the over all effect is pleasing.

Shameless prease prug II implemented mixed media: Green bingo daupper, Ethiopian headdress and eyeliner. It was at this point in the night that Lauren dropped the Disney AllStars on Ice bomb (which we will be attending- FOR FREE- this Thursday.) I kind of hate Disney (the people, not the princesses and shit) and I have an irrational fear of all things in costume. I can only imagine that adventure will be as well documented as this one, so stay tuned.

We had a lovely time dining on African cuisines. And then,


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