Friday, February 20, 2009

Must Be the Money

When I was just a young preaser my family had a funky mountain house in CarbonDale, PA. My weekends were spent skiing, playing in the snow and forcing my younger cohorts to act in the plays and "situationals" I had written/created.

All of this changed when, at the tender age of 16, my father's stock broker and his sons came up for the weekend. Late bloomer that I was (am?) I was terrified, shocked and annoyed by this sudden installment of age-appropriate testosterone. Anyway, one of them tried to kiss me in front of my brother and sister, and then spent the weekend "rapping" Nelly's "Ride Wit Me" from the ski lifts. As a result of this, I memorized the song.

Many moons, serenades and boys later, I stumbled across this rendition of that fateful song. It's pretty amazing, and had this gentleman crooned it to me and not butchered it with his upper-middle class whiteboy beats, maybe things would have turned out differently.


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terence sullivan said...

yours is my most favorite brog