Monday, December 15, 2008

Because This Makes Sense...

I only recently found out I enjoy ice hockey, but it seems actress Elisha Cuthbert has known her feelings about it for some time. Apparently she is the ice-village bicycle, and when her ex-boyfriend/Dallas Stars player Sean Avery referred to her as "sloppy seconds," he got fired from the team.

This is hockey. Not fucking croquet (although I've borne witness to more than a few off-color remarks out on the links of Ruxton...). This is a game where peoples blood gets scraped out of the ice and there is an actual time-out chair. Hockey is popular because it can get violent and crude. Maybe Sean Avery shouldn't have made the comments he did, but in a sport where punching someone in the face is punishable only by a two-minute break, can the NHL not put a bitter comment into perspective?

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