Monday, December 8, 2008

Bring Your Green Hat!

I found this list of the best Will Ferrell skits and had to post it. I realize that his career has turned into a long, painful one-note string (D minor, I believe) but he really is funny. I tried to find his SNL audition tape but it appears to be hiding from me. (If you want to see comedic genius, buy The Best of Will Ferrell on DVD and check out his impersonation of a business-man-turned-cat.)

I implore you to watch the Old Prospector, Get off the Shed, Robert Goulet and Harry'll laugh, you'll cry... you'll wonder why Blades of Glory exists.

(PS...if you don't like Elf than I don't like you.)

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Ten Dollah Bill said...

holy snap, i love this list!!