Friday, December 12, 2008

Sonic's Lazy "Uncle"

This has got to be Sonic's moms new boyfriend. He's lazy and silly and floats in dirty bathwater all day. He gets flipped onto his back at the 1:10 mark, and immediately puts on his best "playing dead" face and just bumps and floats around the tub for a solid 4 minutes.

Sonic's mom was nowhere to be seen because she was out buying a new frock from Dress Barn and a sixer of Pabsts for their date night. "Uncle" Hedgehog was trying to get the Boones Farm and Cheeto stains out of his fur for the occasion but forgot and took a nap.

I wish I were a whitetrash hedgehog.


Ten Dollah Bill said...

Why do those women keep talking to it???

Lisa Tate said...

Meg, we saw this on the news yesterday. I suppose it's comic relief.

Anonymous said...

This video totally grosses me out.

patrick said...

why do i feel that, under the influence of at least a fifth of bourbon, this is something we would do?