Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas, Hon!

Tonight I'm going to do a drive-by in Hampden...TO LOOK AT THE MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET!!!

It's things like this that make me love love love Baltimore. As if Hampden wasn't crazy/scary/John Waters-y enough, an entire street is so devoted to Christmas and depleting the earth of its precious resources that it covers every available surface with Christmas lights. And Christmas Natty Boh cans. And Christmas tires. And Christmas garbage. And, most of all, Christmas Spirit.

I've never been a big Holiday Cheer kinda gal, but this year I'm feeling the stirrings of a little Yuletide Joy. I've listened to late 90's pop band holiday albums, decorated my house with lights and homemade wreaths and swatches and even got people some presents that I didn't purchase intending to keep them for myself.

Tonight when I'm invited into people's homes to take a look at their K-Mart Christmas trees and toothless grins I will dig down deep- -past the cynical bitch; past the corner-cutting gift giver and even past the blatant materialist-- and I will try to truly embrace the spirit of the holiday.

I will also ask where the fuck this Elf Diner is and how to get there.

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