Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Erection 2008

Today I voted. Despite the 55 min average wait time in Maryland, I was in and out of Johnson Elementary school faster than I could say "NO" to
Proposition #2.

It was my first time actually voting (in 2004 I was in Connecticut and absinteed that shit) and I was surprised by how intrusive the process was. I always imagined secluded booths constructed of corrugated wood and canvas curtains. I imagined whipping my curtain shut, chosing my candidate and then pulling some sort of giant lever that would alert someone, somewhere, that Megan Isennock had fullfilled her democratic duty, maybe to the tune of R. Kelly's "I believe I can Fly."

Instead, I found myself standing in front of a computer screen that was loosley nestled between two "dividers." Directly behind me stood other constituants, impatiently waiting in their long Precinct 24 line. (I was 23, bitches.) They were so close to me that one sneezed and I swear I felt my hair move from the germy impact. I didn't really care who saw me cast which votes (although I will not disclose that information on these holy pages,) I just hated that everyone knew how long it took me to read, decipher, re-read and finally blindly decide which pieces of legislation I wanted to change.

I'm pretty excited for my I Voted! sticker and to find out who won.

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