Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come on George Michael

So the Arrested movie is definitely a go, but Michael Cera may choose not to be involved with it. An Arrested Development movie with no George Michael is like a Bluth Banana with no nuts: it's all wrong.
Oh, you like topical similes you say? Here are a few more to drive the point home.

No George Michael in the AD movie is like:

...G.O.B without his Segway or Magicians Alliance card
...Tobias without his jean short collection
...Lucille without her vodka
...Lindsay without her liberal agenda or vodka
...Maeybe without her rack
...Michael without his stair car
...George without his look-a-like paper mache heads
...Buster without his hook hand

I think I've made my case here.

Please Michael Cera, do the movie. Just say yes. Yes.

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