Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Morally Casual Resolutions

I'm not one to let myself fool...myself.

Which is why I tend to ignore the whole NYE Resolution thing. I prefer to always think I can't do or have something, that way when i DO get it, it's like a big surprise and I can blast some Destiny's Child and celebrate my "unexpected" good fortune/looks/whathaveyou.

This year was no different. A dear friend asked me what I had resolved to do for '09 and I said Nothing. Lose weight? Nothing. She then called me lame and told me her goal is to learn a new language and to ride a motorcycle.

We can't all be supergroovyjews.

Another friend explained that instead of choosing to subtract a bad habit, she was going to add a few new ones. She is going to work on being more straightforward and aggressive with men, which basically means '09 IS HER YEAR! (to get knocked up.)

I'm sure I'll turn down a few salt and vinegar chips in the name of it being a new year and all, but to be honest, I'm not that worried; odd years have been statistically more enjoyable than even ones for me. I have a few weekend trips planned, a full-time job, my cat is doing well, I have all three High School Musicals on DVD, plus my blog...

'09's gonna be great.


abigail said...

Loose weight? really ms. megan? i am disappointed in your public school grammar. our parents worked hard for that education. ish.

el oh el said...

all good luck runs in odd years. its the opposite of the star treks.