Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a Hard-Knocked Life

The New York Times gave these women wet dreams by publishing an article about how tough the economy has been on them. Bear in mind, these women are late twenty-something upper-middle class manhattanites.

The issue? The rough waters of the economy have finally begun rocking their weekend sailboats. Their situation is so dire that they formed a support group- Dating a Banker Anonymous- where they can sit and sip $15 gimlets and bitch about losing their time shares or thrice-weekly deep tissue massage. The article is both fascinating and insulting. It takes a real shithead to not only find it reasonable to complain about cutting back the Nanny's hours to 35 a week, but to then flaunt it in the Times.

I understand that it's difficult to assimilate to change, but I find it beyond reproach to rub the woes of your mild discomfort in the faces of laid-off workers and struggling families. Aw, your life is slightly less-than because your boyfriend is making less money and working twice as hard just so he won't lose his Wall Street gig? Boo fucking hoo. Here's a thought- why don't you get a job and stop whining while your meal ticket wakes up in a cold sweat to check the opening bell of the Japanese market.

Just read the article. You may find it funny, or you may read it and find yourself brogging a response in a fit of blind rage.

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